The Benefits of Laser Tag for Kids

With all the talk in the news lately about how inactive our kids are becoming and how obesity is a growing problem among our youth in particular it’s comforting to know that there is a safe, engaging way to get kids away from their mobile devices. That way is laser tag. Back when it was first introduced to the public in 1979 (via the Star Trek Electronic Phaser Guns set), parents probably could not conceive of a time when computers would conspire to keep many of our children inactive. But today, technology – in the form of laser tag – can actually help children to become more active. That is just one of the benefits of laser tag. Here are some other benefits for parents who don’t realize there are advantages to this game for their children.

Fitness and Endurance: As stated before, obesity and inactivity in youth has become a big problem with many children spending most of their days in front of their mobile devices. Laser tag is an all-inclusive and low-impact workout for the entire body. There are many things to do with kids in Westlake Village. Laser tag is among the most exciting of those things.

Laser tag is safe and very entertaining: Of the many physical activities you child can engage in such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc., laser tag is among the safest. There is no tackling or other kinds of physical contact required. The infrared beams directed to your opponent are harmless.

Teamwork and Communication Skills Building: In order to be successful in the game, teamwork and communication are critical. This is a lesson that your child can integrate into many of his/her life situations.

Social skills: Laser tag matches can provide your child with an excellent opportunity for him/her to meet and interact with people from all backgrounds. This gives him/her a chance to develop social skills he/she will use for a lifetime.

Sportsmanship: Laser tag teaches your child that he/she must abide by a certain set of rules in order to prevail and make the game fun for everyone. It also teaches him/her how to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

Yes, at Kids World LA we work to keep you and your child engaged and entertained. We do this by providing wholesome, fun activities that are appropriate for children of all ages. Laser tag can be just the activity to keep your child energized. It will also make you happy that you got him/her to step away from his/her videogames in order to engage in physical activity.

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