The Famous TV And Movie Locations in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a home of Hollywood, hence the capital of film industry. The place is as much famous as the popular celebrities that proudly call the City of Angels their home. Sometimes California locations are used by various TV and movie directors to create certain look, style, or mood in the silver screen classics. For instanTV and movie location Los Angelesce, Director Alfred Hitchcock created some horrifying scenes on the North Coast, and under San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. On the other hand, Directors of film noir classics has shot some scenes at the quirky Angels Flight funicular in Los Angeles.

From classic films to the latest movies, many directors love various movie locations in Los Angeles. While some places have faded away over the years, some are still visible and can be visited as well. Here are some iconic movie locations Los Angeles.

Bird’s Bodega Bay

Due to its sense of isolation, this place is an ideal movie location, Los Angeles. Director Alfred Hitchcock this location and filmed 1963’s The Birds, which based on Daphne du Maurier’s gothic tale. Bodega is indeed a natural bird magnet, hence, was the suitable location for the film.

Hitchcock’s Fort Point

In 1958, Kim Novak’s character Madeleine can be seen attempting suicide by jumping off

movie location Los Angeles

a casement in the Hitchcock classic Vertigo. The brick casements of Fort Point were an integral part of California’s Pacific defense during the 1850s.

Steinbeck’s Spreckels

The tiny town of Spreckels was an ideal movie location in Los Angeles for 1955’s East of Eden, based on John Steinbeck’s tragic tale of sibling rivalry set in the rural Salinas Valley.

Classic Films of Lone Pine

Lone Pine has stunning piles of rock that are captured in various classics. The rocky terrain can be seen in old movies like 1939’s Gunga Din, 1957’s The Tall T, and 1962’s How the West Was Won.

These are some famous movie locations in LA that you can witness yourself during a holiday.

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