Fun has become one of the most expensive things these days. Gone are the days when fun for kids simply meant going outside to meet a few friends, come up with a few games and simply play. Now, you have to consider the when, the where and the how to your kids play. We give you the best option to ensure that their play is not only safe, but total fun as well without ripping your pockets to shreds. LOOKING AT KIDS GENERAL ADMISSION RATES IN LA


They say that location is everything. In business, this one factor determines a lot. Well, this little fun, safe haven is tucked away in San Fernando Valley, LA. Its location guarantees you ease of access making it easy to visit the place anytime. Also, LA claims a large population and therefore this little gem is hidden in just the right place to be found.


This is the part I love most about this spot. The rates do not feel like LA rates at all. For the most part, kids general admission rates Los Angeles are high because the fun venues are very few. This location does not take this into account. It was built to provide family fun and do so at all convenience possible. The kids general admission rates here therefore are free to toddlers under the age of one, $5 from 13 months to just under two years, while children above this pay $11. The catch to this, which I find very friendly because most families have more than one child, is that the $11 is applicable to the first child while the other(s) only pay $9. This is during weekdays though, since there are no discounts during the weekend. GENERAL ADMISSION RATES IN LA

What is this place?

Well, our little gem that boasts the most affordable kids general admission rates Los Angeles is Kids’ World Family Fun Center. It offers you and your kids fun play with games, sports, as well as a great restaurant ensuring that all your fun needs are catered to under one roof.

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With over 20,000 sq ft area for fun and capacity of 800 people, our state of the art arcade games, laser tag arena, obstacle courses, basketball court and Kids World Cafe & Grille will make sure that everyone has a fun time. Our indoor family fun center is perfect to enjoy during the heat, rain, evening or day. Our Kids World monthly passes are the best way to keep your fun and adventure going. Engaging your kid to be active, inquisitive, and creative are all fundamentals we practice at Kids World. Our nut free-free policy help to ensure a safer environment for all. We host parties of all ages from kids parties to corporate team building events and fundraisers. We welcome all and hope to see you soon at Kids World Family Fun Center!