It can be quite a task looking for an affordable place to take your kids to have fun. This is even harder when you are dealing with teenage kids who not only have a higher appetite for arcade games but also have a higher appetite for food. You need to find a place where you are not only able to afford the kids general admission tickets and as such the gaming experience they crave but also the kind of food they would enjoy and actually be satisfied with. This kind of place is rare. Lucky for you, we know just the perfect place. kids general admission tickets la

The where

Tucked away on Canyon Road, Oak Brook LA is a family friendly spot that many are yet to discover. Much it was founded a few years back, Kids’ World Family Fun Center still remains a hidden gem to many. It is the one place where I know that no matter how hard it is, I can still comfortably afford to pay the kids’ general admission tickets for my kids. The rates are friendly and the charges come with an ambience of fun, surrounded by the scents of amazing food that can fit just about any taste.

The when

The kids general admission tickets rates are friendly no matter what time you come. However, it is good to note that the rates do have a difference on the weekends as compared to the weekdays. Generally, kids above the age of two but are below 15 years of age pay $11.99. However, if they come as siblings, one will pay the full amount while the ones after the first will pay $10.99. This offer is typical of weekdays but does not apply during the weekends. The deal gets even better. For a price of $90, you get a family pass for 10 visits. kids general admission tickets Membership This is however restricted to immediate family only. Membership grants you a month’s visit as well as 500 Arcade bonus for the mere price of $49.

The what

For the above kids general admission tickets prices, you get games including Atomic Rush, foam ball cannons, bumper balls, and Redemption games as well as a virtual arcade and a basketball court. More to this, you and your kids can enjoy a competitive game of Laser Tag in the laser tag corner. What more could you really want?

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With over 20,000 sq ft area for fun and capacity of 800 people, our state of the art arcade games, laser tag arena, obstacle courses, basketball court and Kids World Cafe & Grille will make sure that everyone has a fun time. Our indoor family fun center is perfect to enjoy during the heat, rain, evening or day. Our Kids World monthly passes are the best way to keep your fun and adventure going. Engaging your kid to be active, inquisitive, and creative are all fundamentals we practice at Kids World. Our nut free-free policy help to ensure a safer environment for all. We host parties of all ages from kids parties to corporate team building events and fundraisers. We welcome all and hope to see you soon at Kids World Family Fun Center! Skip to content