I have been in situations where, after planning for an event for weeks, the venue gets cancelled at the last minute. This completely throws you off since the venue is literally the anchor for every event. Now imagine a situation where your audience for the event is not corporate who can actually fully understand why the date of the event has been pushed forward, but kids and more specifically, your son on his birthday. It is for this reason that we introduce to you the perfect venue for a birthday for a boy Ventura that meets the needs of a royal birthday partybirthday party for a boy Ventura


When looking for a perfect venue, you look for one that creates the perfect ambience for the event in mind. Kids’ events are more sensitive as all that ambience means is fun and games. Kids’ World Family Fun Center offers this ambience in spades. It comes in the shade of colour, fun and kids all around. Being a kids’ center, Kids’ World is filled with lively colours that directly set the mood to fun as soon as one walks into the place setting the perfect ambience for a birthday party for a boy Ventura. Ventura birthday party for a boy


When looking for a great venue for an event, you want to not only look for one that is experienced in offering the services needed for that particular event but one that will offer your guests an experience during attendance. Kids’ World is bound to create an experience for the birthday party for a boy Ventura. With each venue, Kids’ World offers you a gaming room for private gaming for your kid’s guests, ensuring that they not only attend but have a full experience. This will go a long way in ensuring that your guests leave with memories embedded in their minds for a long time to come.


No event works without the food and indeed, to a huge extent, the food makes or breaks the event. You therefore need great catering to make your event work out. Kids’ World offers you catering right from the inside restaurant.

This gives you comfort in two ways: one, the food is definitely good as the restaurant gets flooded with customers, and two, the convenience of the fact that catering will be on time and you have back up in case food runs out too early. What better venue for a birthday party for a boy Ventura than this really?

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With over 20,000 sq ft area for fun and capacity of 800 people, our state of the art arcade games, laser tag arena, obstacle courses, basketball court and Kids World Cafe & Grille will make sure that everyone has a fun time. Our indoor family fun center is perfect to enjoy during the heat, rain, evening or day. Our Kids World monthly passes are the best way to keep your fun and adventure going. Engaging your kid to be active, inquisitive, and creative are all fundamentals we practice at Kids World. Our nut free-free policy help to ensure a safer environment for all. We host parties of all ages from kids parties to corporate team building events and fundraisers. We welcome all and hope to see you soon at Kids World Family Fun Center!