When students come to Kids World, they will reinforce and enrich their classroom learning by experiencing real-world application of STEM concepts. Students will see how science, math, and technology can be combined to create a business centered on entertainment!

In addition to a tour of the facility and the various mechanical elements, students will get to see STEM principles in action as they play on a four-story play structure, play basketball in a non-conventional space, play with foam ball cannons, and play with huge, plastic bumper balls. Students will also have the opportunity to engage investigative, inquiring, and critical thinking skills through written activities that cover topics such as:

  • Simple machines
  • The properties of gravity
  • The properties of various gasses
  • Newtonian Physics
  • Engineering functional design

-all whilst learning about how the manipulation of gravity, air, and other principles at the core of STEM courses are incorporated into the design and function of the various attractions at Kids World.

STEM field trips to Kids World are interactive and entertaining!

Quality, hot food packages available upon request!