Another Reason Why Kids World is Better

Kids World Family Fun Center in Oak Park, California is one of the best places to take the whole family. One of the main reasons is because our kids general admission rates are tough to beat. Infants are free. Toddlers 13-24 months are only five dollars. Older kids are only $11.00! On weekdays, they have a discount for siblings. This kids general admission rate is for the entire time the facility is open! birthday parties in Los Angeles

Theoretically, if a family of two adults and one child came in at 10:00AM when Kids World opens and they pay one kids general admission rate, they could all stay there for 10 hours without being charged for admission again (adults are free). When comparing that to a local trampoline center that charges a kids general admission rate of $15.00 for a total of one hour (and the same general admission rate for adults) or comparing to another indoor play place that doesn’t have free play hours every day, and when they do they limit the play time to 1.5 hours and charges a kids general admission rate of $9.00 for that small timeframe, Kids World clearly comes out on top. For a kids general admission rate that is only an additional $2.00 you can get a whole lot more at Kids World because the timeframe for free play is only limited to their business hours and they have so much more to do during all of that time.

Even the kids general admission rates for movies are much more expensive when you consider the time limitation and the fact that the kid will just sit for an hour and a half. The best value by far for a kids general admission rate is Kids World!

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