• Do I need a reservation in order to come inside?
    • You do not need a reservation to play. We highly recommend checking Events Calendar for update to regular hours.
  • Can I fill out a waiver online?
  • Are you open to general public on Weekends?
    • We host parties, as well as entertain public guests during open hours.  If we are closed for a private event or holidays, it is posted in Events Calendar.
  • What are your regular hours?
    • Mon          10am – 7pm
    • Tue-Thu    10am –  8pm
    • Fri-Sat      10am –  9pm
    • Sun           10am –  7pm
    • Please check Events Calendar for any updates to regular hours.
  • What are Laser Tag regular hours?
    • Mon -Tue     Closed, Private Events Only
    • Wed -Thu         3pm –  9pm
    • Fri                   3pm –  10pm
    • Sat            10am –  10pm
    • Sun                 10am –  8pm
  • Does everyone have to wear socks?
    • Yes, both Adults and Kids have to wear socks in order to enter facility. If you don’t have socks you can purchase grip socks for 2.50 a pair.
  • I’m not going to play, why can’t I wear my shoes?
    • Cleanliness – please remember our littlest guests are still crawling and LOVE to put their hands in their mouths.
    • Safety – children run around the facility in their socks. Big shoes hurt little feet.
    • Fun – now you gave one less obstacle to participating in the FUN with your kids!
  • Do you have Wi-Fi?
    • Yes, we offer free Wi-Fi. Login: Kids World Guest Password: kidsworld
  • Do you serve food and drinks?
    • Yes, we have restaurant onsite. Everything is made fresh daily. Adults can enjoy beer & wine. Please click here to view our menu.
  • Do you allow outside food or drinks?
    • We do not allow outside food or drinks. State Health Inspection Statues prohibit outside food to be brought in and consumed at a bona fide eating establishment.
Pricing Questions

Pricing Questions

  • Do adults have to pay?
    • No, Adults are FREE, however adults must be accompanied by kids to enter the facility.
  • How much does regular admission cost?
    • Adults & Infants FREE, please see our Pricing page for more info.
  • Do you sell memberships?
    • Yes, see our Pricing page. If you come to Kids World more than 4 times a month then membership is a great option for you. Take advantage of big savings plus unlimited re-entry.
  • How much does laser tag cost?
    • Game of Laser Tag is only 6 dollars with paid admission to Kids World. Please click here for more info.
  • How much do bumper balls cost?
    • 10-15min session of bumper balls cost 5 dollars per person. Based on availability
  • Do you offer any deals on Arcade Games?
    • Yes, we currently have 3 deals.
      • Buy $25 Game Card and get FREE $5 Bonus
      • Buy $50 Game Card and get FREE $15 Bonus
      • Buy $100 Game Card and get FREE $35 Bonus
    • Remaining balance of game cards can be used on during future visits & can be used in Laser Tag Arcade.
  • How many hours is the admission valid for?
    • There is no time limit for admission.
  • Can I leave and come back?
    • Unless you have a membership or purchased an all-day pass which is valid on Weekdays there is no re-entry.
  • Can I drop off my kids and leave?
    • Unless your child is signed up for Parents Night Out, adult supervision is required at all times. We will start offering babysitting services up to 4 hours soon.
  • Is there a dress code?
    • It is advisable to wear pants and long sleeve shirts when going down the slides to prevent skin burn.
  • Do you have specials?
    • Please click here to visit our specials page.
  • Do you have any packages for groups that are not celebrating a birthday?
    • Yes, we have group packages for schools, daycares, churches, youth sports, teams, scouts, and camps!  Please refer to our Groups page. Group packages are not available without a reservation and are not available as a party package replacement.
  • How much does a party cost?
    • We have several party packages, please refer to our Birthday Party page.
  • Do I have to purchase a party package or can we just walk in?
    • We recommend booking a party package as there will be no guarantees of space. To be fair and accommodating to everyone we don’t allow conjoining the tables. If you have a small group of kids or need special accommodations please call us at 818.338.8888 or send us an email kidsworldla@yahoo.com
  • Are you open to the public during a Party?
    • Yes, we are open to the public during normal business hours. We also offer Exclusive Facility Rental during which we close the entire facility.
General Rules

General Rules

  • Socks must be worn at all times, children and adults!
  • Kids World is a nut free facility!
  • No shoes, No bare feet!
  • Adult supervision required at all times
  • An adult must remain on the premises with the child during entire stay
  • No sick children
  • No adults are allowed without a child in the facility
  • No reckless play, fighting, pushing or swearing
  • Guests assume all risks associated with the use of playground
  • Please remove all loose items before going on play equipment
  • No Head First Sliding
  • No Running Inside or Outside area
  • Kids World is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items
  • No food, gum, candy or drinks in the arcade or play equipment
  • Please do not remove balls from Ballocity area
  • Please do not throw balls
  • Please do not stand on the equipment
  • No outside  food or drinks allowed inside the facility
  • Please do not climb on the slides, nets or railing
  • We reserve the right to remove guests for violation of these rules
  • Please do not parent other’s kids
  • Notify team member of any issues
Playground Rules

Playground Rules

  • Admission is valid until the closing time of the day customer bought ticket on.
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult. Parental supervision required. No drop offs. Do not leave your child unattended. We do not provide daycare.
  • Everyone must wear socks in the play area, including adults.
  • NO Outside food or drinks allowed.
  • NO food, drink or gum is allowed in the play area. Water is OK, but outside play area.
  • NO sick children please. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to a sick child at our discretion.
  • NO rough play or fighting allowed.
  • Please respect the equipment, the toys, and others.
  • NO sharp or glass objects allowed.
  • For safety reasons, Kids World staff reserves the right to refuse admittance to a child if the number of children exceeds the legal capacity of our facility.
  • We are not responsible for loss, theft or damage of your property. Do not leave valuables or personal belongings unattended.
Slide Rules

Slide Rules

  • Adult supervision required at all times!
  • Only One rider at a time
  • Do Not slide with child on your lap
  • Riders should be fully clothed to avoid injury
  • No flips, jumping, or other stunts!
  • Feet FIRST down the slides!
  • No sliding head first
  • Lift arms to prevent elbow burn!
  • Allow time for others to exit the slide
  • Please do NOT stand at bottom of the slide
  • Please do NOT climb up the slides
  • Please do NOT stand on top of the slide
  • Please do NOT put toys on slides
  • Please remove any loose items before sliding
  • Please notify team member of any issues


Socks Policy

Socks Policy

To our valued customers:

In an effort to promote cleanliness and a sanitized play environment, we are requiring everyone to have socks before they get into the play facility. We now have a strict no shoes or barefoot policy. Our staff wears indoor shoes that do not leave the facility. In the event you do not have socks, we have them for sale for $2.50 /pair.

Thank you for your understanding.