Birthday Party Gift Ideas for 13 year olds

There are many important milestones your child will go through in his/her life. These include graduations, awards, college, etc. However, few are as significant as when as he/she enters the exciting and sometimes exasperating teen years. A child’s 13th birthday is a benchmark in youth that is like few others. That is why we are proud to host this event and provide you with one of the best birthday party venues in Agoura Hills. We do it all, including providing the scenery, food, games, etc. The one thing left for you to do as parents – apart from sending the invitations – is to decide what gift (s) you will present to your child. This can be tricky but here is what we think are some options for that all important age and occasion.


Gifts for 13 year-old Girls

Money or Gift Cards: These are a can’t-miss for teenage girls. A gift of money or a gift card from say Amazon or other store gives your daughter, niece, etc., the freedom of picking a gift that suits her personality and interests. There is no guessing or have to decipher subtle and not so subtle clues from the teenager in question so there is no chance for disappointment with this present.

Clothes and Shoes: This gift can be tricky. Care should be taken in determining the teenage girl’s style in clothing before making her a present of apparel. Another alternative is to give her a gift card to her favorite clothing store so that the selection becomes hers.

A Good Book or Two: Does your daughter, niece, etc., like to read? Is she into The Hunger Games or other series? For a child who likes to read the gift of a book is always an appropriate present.


Gifts for 13 year-old Boys


Video Games or systems: There are many systems and even more games to appeal to the interest of male children. A little research may be necessary to determine your son or nephew’s interest and what games he already possesses. Current popular sports games include NCAA, NFL, NBA and MLB, etc.


Books: There are many books on the market that are targeted towards teenage boys such as Harry Potter, Stormbreaker, The Maze Runner, etc. Cultivate your child’s interest in literature while at the same time giving him something he will enjoy for many month and years.


Money or Gift Cards: Again, these are can’t miss gifts for teenagers. It gives them the control of buying their own present and frees you from the frustration that accompanies not having gotten the desired gift.


Yes, KidsWorld LA is here to help families celebrate an important milestone in its members lives or to just strengthen the ties that keep families together. Our fun activities can be experienced by children of all ages or by adults who have not lost touch with their child inside. We even host a parent’s night out Agoura Hills for the adults. Remember us when you want to make one of the special occasions in your child’s life truly special.

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  • by Beth Bishop Posted November 25, 2017 4:34 am

    Totally agree with your genius tips.And the images are so colourful.
    anyway, thank you for your hard work! I have a son and a daughter.Hope it will be working for my sweet daughter.Thanks again!!

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