Kids World is a huge indoor playground facility which includes multi-level play structure with giant slides, ball pit, obstacle courses and foam ball blasters. The playground also has basketball area, toddler zone, arcade, redemption prizes and more, is perfect for kids of all ages. Adults and parents are more than welcome to climb through the playground with their kids. We love when you get involved it makes a great experience for everyone.

Our redemption area is designed with both older kids and younger ones in mind. Although toddlers don’t understand the concept of win points for prizes yet, we do have prizes that parents with older siblings can safely choose and they would be safe for the toddlers. We also have items that are of interest for both girls and boys and retro novelty items that are nostalgic for parents, such as police lights and lava lamps.

Ballocity Play Structure

Ballocity – Multi Level Play Structure makes a great family fun attraction since adults are encouraged to join in on the action!  Ballocity features a series of climbing tubes, obstacle courses, slides and foam ball launchers. Ballocity creates an interactive experience for guests as they move, push and crawl through climbing stations while firing the play safe foam balls. This is our main play structure and is suitable for anyone at any age, as long as they can climb and crawl through the tunnels and levels.

Toddler Area

Toddler Area is designed for children ages 0-3 and encourages children to learn through play and fun. It is a special opportunity for parents and caretakers to spend time with the littlest of our guests in a clean and safe environment. It features a shallow ball pit area that is filled with soft foam balls vs hard plastic ones. The shallower ball pit is safer as toddlers can’t fully immerse themselves in it.  At Kids World, safety is our primary concern in every facet of the delivery of our services. Toddler Area is secured by a gate giving parents a peace of mind while playing in our facility. Adult supervision is required at all times in Toddler Area.

Virtual Playground

What can be more fun than playing in a playground? How about playing in our virtual playground. Experience our virtual highly advanced video game floor with motion-activated games that kids can play with their entire bodies. Part of what makes our virtual playground so much fun is the high level of natural interactivity that it encourages. Multiple players can run, jump, twist and dance, using their hands and feet to set sounds and projected graphics in motion.

Our virtual playground is suitable for toddlers, older kids as well as adults! Everyone is fascinated by a floor that interacts and responds to movement of feet. Little kids understand that they need to step on the moving objects to squish them and adults understand that they need to step on them to get points.

Video Games

Our arcade area is designed for both kids and adults! We truly have something for all ages. We have toddler rides, full size air hockey table, and more!

Did we mention we also have a photobooth? Our photobooth has fun frame options and accessories such as sunglasses, moustaches or wigs that can be virtually added to your pictures.

Basketball Area

Come ‘ball’ with your friends and family in our basketball area!

Our basketball area contains two basketball hoops, one for older kids and adults and one that can be adjusted to kids that are shorter in heights. Yes! Even your 5 year old will be able to shoot the balls in the hoop.

We also provide kids and adult size basketballs for that area.

Bumper Balls

You have to experience this new, fun attraction! Our Bumper Balls are designed for kids of all ages, they just enjoy it differently.

Kids that are younger and are not strong enough to pick up the big balls are rolled around in them by our staff or other adults , which is a lot of fun for both kids and adults!

For kids that are stronger, around 6 years old, we strap them in the balls and they ram against each other. We now also have large size bumper balls that are heavier and designed for adults only.

Our Bumper Balls are mostly available for parties, however we recently started doing 10-15 min for $5 per person duration. Based on availability.

• Skill Games & Prizes •

Skill Games & Prizes

Come experience our one of a kids Ballocity play structure  – the ultimate climbing environment for guests of all ages. Ballocity features a series of climbing tubes, slides, foam ball launchers and so much more. With multi-level platforms, Ballocity creates an interactive experience for guests as they move, push and crawl through climbing stations while firing the play-safe foam balls.

This is our main play structure and is suitable for anyone at any age, as long as they can climb and crawl through the tunnels and levels.


AtomicRUSH is the next generation of arcade games, featuring the latest in touch & LED technology with unlimited variations, vibrant colours and sounds. The object of AtomicRush is to tap as many of your colour light panels in the room and outperform the computer or other players. The game is challenging both mentally physically as you have 60 seconds to get as many points as possible.

Dizzy Chicken

Dizzy Chicken is a bright and colourful skill based game. Players plunge a ball into the spiral of lights, trying to land on a green target. The green target moves its location with each new game challenging the player to reassess the strength with which the ball is plunged through spiral.

Down the Clown

Just like the classic carnival games Down The Clown requires players to gauge their strength and accuracy hitting different sized clowns for points.

Fishbowl Frenzy

Fishbowl Frenzy challenges players to carefully time their release of a ball which bounces through a field of pins into one of fishbowls below.

Flying Tickets

In Flying Tickets, a player controls a bird that must fly through obstacles to win tickets. It’s a game of speed and reaction as the player needs to press on time the button control to avoid and not hit any pipes.

Milk Jug Toss

Milk Jug Toss is the same concept as Down the Clown except players are challenged to get a ball into a milk jug to get the bonus points.

Monster Drop

The player has to time the drop of a high energy ball so that it falls through the jackpot, mystery value, or ticket win value. Even though in every game something is won the challenge and the skill comes at timing the right moment when the ball will be able to hit the holes that are assigned the most value.

Tower of Tickets

Tower of Tickets is a “knock-it-off” rotary game that can be played by four players at the same time. We challenge in Tower of Tickets is to time your move just right so that the electronic hand knocks off the ticket roll off the game panel.